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Marynet Security

Marynet is a web interface to Marymount University's administrative database. It is designed to protect your confidential information. However, you are also responsible for preventing unauthorized access to your private information. To ensure confidentiality, it is important that you

  • Do not share your password with anyone.
  • Completely log out of the Marynet system by clicking the Logout link (located in the header and footer of most pages) when finished. If working in a public area, close your browser after logging out.

To further ensure security, all pages that accept and display confidential information have been designed to automatically expire after 20 minutes.

You will be required to use your Marymount University e-mail account when requesting a Marynet password change.

If you are having problems using Marynet, please contact Information Technology Services at (703) 526-6990 or e-mail us at its@marymount.edu.

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